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Alexis Sixel

Alexis Sixel

Artist & Designer

Alexis Sixel is an artist who creates maximalist designs with saturated color, texture, patterns and drama. Passionate about interior design, modern art, fashion design, and vintage style, she aims to inspire others to broaden their creative horizons. With over 30 years of crochet experience, she’s honed in her skills to focus on mosaic crochet, and teaching others this exciting technique. Sixel Design was launched in 2020, and what started as just a hobby has blossomed into a creative wonderland of patterns ranging from edgy skulls to intricate vintage designs, classic geometric and everything in between.

Sixel Design is based in Maine, USA



Can I sell finished projects using Sixel Design patterns?

YES! I encourage everyone who wants to sell finished projects to do so. I only ask that you credit "Sixel Design" as the original pattern designer when selling online. This will help potential customers to find your products, because when they search for Sixel Design, they're more likely to find your shop. I have a lot of requests for finished crochet pieces, so if you're a crocheter I'd love to support you and send customers your way!

I can't download my pattern order on Etsy, how do I get it?

Unfortunately, Etsy likes to force their terrible app on everyone, but it is incompatible with digital files. If you're experiencing error messages and broken links, please visit the site from a browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) and log in to your account. You should see all of your files in your purchases tab, and be able to download from there. Do not use the Etsy app. Delete or disable it! And let Etsy know they need to spend less money on marketing and invest some time into fixing their platform!

Do you make custom patterns? Can I pay you to design one?

I do not make custom patterns, nor do I work on commission. If you have a pattern idea and would like to make a request, I am open to suggestions, but I can not guarantee I will be able to design it. I also won't design anything that's a trademarked character/symbol/logo. 


What program do you use to create your patterns? Can you teach me how to design my own?

I don't use a program to design patterns. I swatch all of my designs and experiment with stitches until I'm happy with a design. There is no secret formula. Each design takes a lot of practice and patience and it's an art form that really can't be taught. If you want to be a designer my best advice would be to just practice, experiment, and have fun with it!

I have a LYS, can I sell classes using your patterns and/or techniques?

Under no circumstance are you allowed to teach or host a class using any of my patterns or techniques. If you have a customer that needs help with one of my patterns, please have them contact me directly. I also have a large collection of tutorials on my YouTube channel and website that is meant to help support customers. Selling classes is a direct copyright violation and will not be tolerated. My patterns are for private use only, and are not shareable. 


I'm an Indie Yarn Dyer, do you ever do collabs?

Yes! If you're interested in a collab, please contact me here. I'm open to ideas!

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