Working in the Round for Mosaic Crochet

Mosaic crochet worked in the round eliminates the need for border stitches and any tail ends. You're working continuously around and never have to cut your yarn! Each new row starts along a seam with one chain stitch to join to. Crocheting in the round allows you to create anything from bags, to hats, sweaters, and even pillows, without the need to worry about any tails.

All of my mosaic crochet patterns can be made in the round following this tutorial. Follow the instructions for your pattern to find the appropriate number of chains for your foundation row. Do not add any additional chains for border stitches.

Step 1- Foundation Chain and SC Row

Start with the appropriate number of chains for your foundation row, chain 1 and SC into the second chain from the hook, and into each of the remaining chains. It is very important to make sure your first row is flat and not twisted.

Step 2- Connect the First Row

To connect your first row, insert your hook into the first stitch, top back loop.

Take your new color and slip stitch through both loops.

Make sure your yarn loop is tight and on the round part of your hook, then tighten color A.

With your new color, chain 1. For every new row you add, you will always start with 1 chain.

Step 3- Secure the Base of Row 1

To close the gap at the bottom of your first row, you can either use a crochet needle, or another crochet hook to attach. (I sometimes pull a long loop and come back to it later, so I can use the same hook for this step.) Weave the tail from row 1 through the back of the first chain to the front.

Next, weave the tail from the front, back into the back part of the row. I find it easier to flip the row upside down to wrap the tail between the gap.

Secure the two tails of color A and B together with a knot in the back. The tails can be woven into the back of your finished piece.

Step 4- Start Row 2

Your first SC stitch of row 2 will be in the same stitch as the chain. All remaining rows will begin in the first SC stitch after the chain. Continue to SC into the top back loops of the entire row.

Step 5- Joining Rows (for this row and all remaining rows)

Insert your hook into the top back loop of the first chain in the row.

Take color A from the back, and slip stitch through both loops of color B.

Make sure your yarn loop is on the round part of your hook, and tighten both colors A and B. When you tighten the join with your hook here, you're making sure the seam is tight but consistent, and you can still easily get your hook into the first chain.

Chain 1 to start your row. Begin following your mosaic crochet chart into the next stitch.

Each row will begin with 1 chain, and end with a slip stitch of the next color through the top of the chain.

Repeat instructions in Step 5 for all remaining rows.


When you're done adding rows, slip-stitch into the chain to join. Chain 1, cut and pull through. Weave the tail through to the inside and secure both colors together with a knot. Weave your tails.

Here's what a finished piece looks like with the seam down the center.

Creating a Mini Pouch

For this quick little project, I've used my Houndstooth pattern with 13 repeats, crocheted in the round, using navy and bright blue yarn. This ends up being a great size for a cell phone, keys, make-up brushes... or crochet hooks for that matter!

To close the bottom, turn your piece inside out. Align the edges so the seam is on one side. Add a slip-stitch across the bottom row.

You can also add another slip-stitch around the top to give it a nice finished edge. Add a zipper, snaps, velcro or a button to the top, and you're done!

Thanks for reading and happy crocheting!


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