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Inverted Special Stitches Chart

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Use the chart below to invert special stitches in mosaic crochet, so you can crochet charts upside down.

This is useful for when you're working on a design that is worked top-down, or for creating mirrored images. For detailed instructions on special stitches and how to read this chart, please watch my YouTube tutorial "Inverted Special Stitches for Mosaic Crochet".

These stitches only apply to Sixel Design patterns. If you're trying to invert special stitches in a pattern from another designer, these symbols will be different.

When inverting a pattern with bobble stitches, move those stitches down 2 rows. Not all patterns with bobble stitches can be inverted, and may appear different when upside down. If you're having trouble inverting any patterns, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Download a PDF of the chart here:

Inverted Special Stitches Chart
Download PDF • 714KB

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